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This is the manufacturer, what can we do for you?

Introducing the integrated customization service: how we take an order from concept to final product.

Based on your design drawing, we build a 3D model, confirm the dimensions, analyze the problems that may be encountered in manufacturing, and find a solution by combining the design concept.

After determining the product drawing and dimensions, we create a high-precision mold with CNC machining according to the structure of the product.

Inject the material into the mold to shape and complete each part of the product.

Assemble these parts, 100% test the use effect and rigorous safety and quality inspection, for home electronic products, we pay special attention to safety and quality certification.

Products that pass the test will be packaged securely, supporting custom boxes and packaging methods. Provide colorful boxes, blister base, pearl cotton wrapping, etc.

    Customization Service
    What We Do Well

What We Do Well

To help our customers solve their problems,

We have applied for our own US invention patent.

The base can be rotated 360 degrees,

This means no matter what kind of outlet is in the US, our night light will fit it

Because the base is the foundation of the night light,

Therefore, the plug-in night lights we produce have UL certification, ETL certification, CE certification, ROHS certification, SAA certification, and so on.

Ensure safe use and good quality.

In different countries and regions, we are equipped with different connectors accordingly.

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